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Join us for a morning of great fishing!

If you enjoy fishing the Tampa area has something to offer you. We will have an unofficial RRG outing Sunday morning before the reception that evening. We will be fishing Upper Tampa Bay with Brian Dopirak. https://www.clearflatsfishing.com/

I have fished with Brian and his father Al for years. Captain Al Dopirak is the best guide I have ever fished with. Brian did not land far from that tree. These guys not only know how to fish but how to make your time on the water enjoyable.

We will be targeting Redfish but stand a good chance of also catching snook, jacks, and spotted sea trout, Of course, it is fishing and we could end up getting rained on and skunked. If we do, it will not be because we did not have the best guides available.

Plan on joining us Sunday morning. We will leave and hotel for the short drive to meet the guides. The cost for this outing will be $200 per person. That will include all fishing fees, licenses, and water. We will also provide bagels and sour cream, (a Tampa fishing tradition for some of us), some soft drinks and juice, and sun screen.

You should bring a hat, sun glasses, pants and shirts to help keep the sun off, and soft sole shoes to wear on the boat.

For those of you coming into town early we will also try to have a dinner at Columbia's on Saturday night. https://www.columbiarestaurant.com This is truly outstanding Cuban food done right, and it is not expensive. Just as a side note, Columbia's is Florida's oldest restaurant.

If you are coming in even earlier and you want to do more fishing, Tampa has something to test your skills. It may be early for tarpon but not too early to try. Inshore you can fish for Spotted Sea Trout, Snook, Redfish, Flounder, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Near shore you can try for grouper, king mackerel, snapper, Off shore you can find grouper, jacks, mackerel, snapper, .....

You can fish from shore, a pier, wade fish, kayak, flats boat, near shore boat, or a charter boat. You can fish with a flyrod, spinning gear, bait caster, or a trolling reel. You can fish on your own, hire a guide, or take a party boat off shore. https://hubbardsmarina.com

If you do not fish saltwater there is also fresh water fishing. You can find many inland lakes and rivers to fish. Florida is one of the best bass fishing states in the country. If you want to slide in early and drive four hours to Miami, you can fish for peacock bass.

If anyone would like any assistance or suggestions on fishing options for the Tampa area shoot me an email.

Please contact Dan Laur DTLaur@LaurSilicone.com , or Laur Silicone, at (989)-435-7400 to sign up for either of these nonofficial events. Provide your name and contact information and the number of people. Do not wait for the last minute, as I will likely be heading to Florida early, to fish of course.