Board of Directors

Vail Harding, Vail Rubber Works
Chairman of the Board
Phone#: 269-983-1595

Matt Umentum, Rol-Tec Inc.
Phone#: 920-339-3150

Tyler Sinclair, Redwood Plastics & Rubber
Vice President
Phone#: 604-240-4507

Steve Chase, Next Gen Compounding
Phone#: 817-453-8950

Josh Watson, Laur Silicone
Phone#: 989-435-7400

JFrank Batton, Jr., Harwood Rubber Products
Manufacturer's Representative
Phone#: 604-240-4507

Jeff Hemingway, Vail Rubber Works
Manufacturer's Representative
Phone#: 269-983-0155

Darrin Roe, Zeon Chemicals
Supplier's Representative
Phone#: 817-939-0583

Jessica Petras, ChemRep, Inc.
Suppliers Representative
Phone#: 847-551-9060

Mike Diskin, Halifax Numerical Controls Ltd
International Representative
Phone#: 01-422-360607


Robbi Miller - Executive Secretary
1638 Greystone Place
Springdale, AR 72762
Phone#: 417-337-0210


Tom Chase, Chase Elastomer
Bill Davis, Kramer Roller Co.
Roy Johnson, Mid South Roller Co.
Rocky Rocheleau, Mid West Rubber Plate
Dean Armstrong, REMCO
Brian Young, Rolls Inc.
Dale Moody, Tire Equipment Inc.
Tim Bishton, Valley Roller Co.
Mike Wagner, Wagner Rubber Co.

Past presidents

2016-18 Rick Harwood Harwood Rubber
2014-16 Joel Trandell Bluegrass Roller
2012-14 Brent Young Rolls, Inc.
2010-12 Mike Brown Pinnacle Roller
2008-10 Ronny Rhodes Craftex Protective Coatings
2006-08 Scott Dixon Bluegrass Roller
2004-06 John Finzer Finzer Roller
2002-04 Lenette Rucker Columbia Rubber Mills
2000-02 Robbi Mooney Mid South Roller Co.
1998-99 Randy Apperson Finzer Roller
1996-97 Butch Grimmer Contact Rubber Corp.
1994-95 George Linne Industrial Roller Co.
1992-93 Roy Johnson Mid South Roller
1990-91 Tim Bishton Valley Roller Co.
1989 Brian Young Rolls, Inc.
1988 Jack Costello Rotation Dynamics

Life Members

Randy Apperson, Finzer Roller
Dean Armstrong, REMCO
John Baldwin, Atlantic Roller
Michael Brown, Pinnacle Roller
Tom Chase, Chase Roller Technologies
Jack Costello, Rotation Dynamics
Scott Dixon, Bluegrass Roller
John Finzer, Finzer Roller
Butch Grimmer, Contact Rubber Corp.
Rick Harwood, Harwood Rubber
Roy Johnson, Mid South Roller Co.
Robert Klingender, ZEON Chemicals
Fred Lanting, LORD Corp.
George Linne, Industrial Roller Co.
Robbi Miller, Arthur Rubber Co./RRG
Wyatt Neal, Oliver Corp.
Ronny Rhodes, Craftex Protective Coatings
Lenette Rucker, Columbia Rubber Mills
Joel Trandell, Bluegrass Roller
Brent Young, Rolls, Inc.
Brian Young, Rolls, Inc.