Annual Meeting Dates and Information

Let’s meet up at the Hotel Monteleone in October!

The Hotel Monteleone has been standing tall on Royal Street since 1886 when a cobbler from Sicily applied his entrepreneurial stamp to this property and created and reinvented what is today our next Rubber Roller Group host property!  The property is deep in history, some say it’s haunted, a popular TV and movie set, and deep in literary acclaim.  The French Quarter starts here.  Won’t you come and join us!  Book your rooms now.

Take a quick look of this video about Hotel Monteleone and then book your rooms thru this link:

Come see the famous Carousel Bar-The only carousel you must be 21 to ride!

Past Meeting Sites & Dates

May 2019 Cincinnati, OH
May 2018 San Diego, CA
May 2017 Denver, CO
May 2016 Tampa, FL
May 2015 Austin, TX
May 2014 Las Vegas, NV
May 2013 Charlotte, NC
May 2012 Kansas City, MO
May 2011 Reno, NV
May 2010 St. Louis, MO
May 2009 Orlando, FL
May 2008 Southlake, TX
May 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada
May 2006 San Antonio, Texas
May 2005 Orlando, Florida
May 2004 New Orleans, LA
May 2003 Las Vegas, Nevada
May 2002 Kansas City, Missouri
April 2001 Baltimore, Maryland
May 2000 Nashville, TN
March 1999 Las Vegas, Nevada
April 1998 New Orleans, Louisiana
June 1997 Orlando, Florida
May 1996 New Orleans, Louisiana
March 1995 Las Vegas, Nevada